A new dimension inprecision planting

The revolutionary Guidance CT Planter offers accuracy, reliability and efficiency. Constructed in 100mm x 75mm x 6mm RHS, with ground following capability through a front and rear casting wheel system, set on 3 metre width track it makes an ideal precision seed planting tool.

The 2300 series (2 row model) and 3300 series (3 row model) come in 3 and 5 sections for ideal flexibility and seed placement in uneven ground conditions.

7,9,10,12,131⁄2 OR 15" SPACINGS

The rows are spaced at 1500mm for high clearance to allowing excellent trash flow. Available in widths of 9 metres – for three section machines, and from 11 to 15 metres for ve section planters. The heavily constructed frame allows the Guidance CT Planter be used as a disc or tyne planter. Fitted with the unique Ryan Tyne DP600 series (600lb), it allows you to quick-change from tyne shank to double disc for extra high residue.

Fitting the contour-following coil press wheel, with a seed boot independent from the tyne, provides great depth control in either single or double chuting. The self-cleaning tyne and coil press wheel consistently delivers accurate seed placement to each individual row in dry or sticky conditions.

Single and double bolt hole
Ryan self-cleaning tyne

Optional hydraulic tyne

600lb breakout,
with optional 400lb

Two and three
Coil Press Wheel

Ground following

The RFM Guidance CT Planters achieve unprecedented seed depth accuracy in undulating ground. The 2200 and 3300 series are equipped with our Guidance Contourgram precision seed press wheel assembly. The Contourgram is fitted with the unique self-cleaning, self-closing coil press wheel. This system gives exact seed placement whether it is in melon holes or smooth open paddocks. The squeezing action of the coil allows precise seedplacement and superior seed-to-soil contact in wet or dry conditions. This revolutionary combination has been proven to handle more trash and to be able to plant earlier than most competitive machines.


  • No more plough pan
  • Better seed to soil contact
  • Double chute
  • Reduced soil or trash build-up
  • Reduced blocking
  • Precise seed placement in wet or dry conditions
  • Smoother ride


The Ryan Tyne is synonymous with direct drill farming throughout the world. Its renowned heavy duty features have proven to lead the field in retro-fitting planting equipment worldwide. The ability to fit most frames with its heavy duty hardened cast frame allows it to stand up to the harshest conditions. The NT400 (400lb/180kg breakout) and NT600 series (600lb/272kg breakout) have stamped their mark in no-till farming, not only for their robust greaseable pivot system, but for the ability to fit a single or two bolt hole shank to the latest RFM Auspoint Double Disc

Frame fitting

64 x 64mm; 75 x 75mm; 100 x 75mm; 100 x 100mm; 200 x 200mm; 250 x 250mm; 75 x 75mm diamond.

Underframe clearance dimensions


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