This unique system of self-cleaning, self-closing press wheels is proving to revolutionise press wheeling behind planters. It is successful in most conditions from sticky trash to sand.

The RFM Spring Coil Press Wheel is designed to squeeze together around the seed rather than pack it down from the top. Pressing all the air out of the ground around the seed, it gives good soil-to-seed contact, allowing the seed to have an easy establishment. The unique squeezing action of the coils allows it to self-clean of mud and trash and, most importantly, not pick up seed and close the furrow off, for better seed to soil contact.

The coil press wheels come in various designs; two or three coils, depending on the footprint required, tyne-mounted models, with or without a seeding boot.

  • Narrow 2 coil or wider 3 coil models
  • 400mm OD
  • Less risk of smearing or caking
  • Swivel or lock-in rigid positioning
  • Self-cleans in mud or trash
  • Leaves a firm tilth without smearing or crusting
  • Can be angled for chemical incorporation in the sowing row
  • Long wearing
  • Heavy duty hub for reliability and durability
  • All hardened steel
  • Ford tapered bearings
  • Hub stub and wheel for 38mm shaft
  • Press wheel and hub available to fit to existing press wheel frame
  • Double clamps for added strength in rough conditions
  • Adjustable pressure for different soil types
  • Precision seed models – ideal for small seed planting
  • No splitting or deteriorating rubber

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