TESTIMONIALS ( South Australia )



Richard Kirkland of ‘Kirkland’, near Furner SA, trialled two RFM double discs on his 30’ Flexicoil ST820 tillage bar in the blackest, stickiest soil. He was so impressed that he fitted his machine with 39 double discs. “I think they’ll work anywhere”, Richard said. “It took two half days to fit the double discs and we didn’t hurry it. The stony country around here is usually an issue, but the discs handle it well. In the stubble on stony ground, the tynes kept digging up the stones and sometimes stubble clearance is a problem.”

Richard crops 1500 acres of broad beans, wheat and fodder crops and pasture, plus he does a bit of spring contracting, mainly pasture work covering around 5000 acres. He said that he sowed a paddock on the stoniest country around for a customer. Sowing the pasture seed at about 1cm, the discs covered over well and performed admirably.

‘Kirkland’ has heavy black clay soil, ranging from sticky to moderate, in a 500mm rainfall area. Richard tows a Flexicoil air seeder behind the bar with a CASE 305 tractor, and he found that he is now using just 60 to 70% of his usual engine load. “We sow at 12 to 14 kph and that equates to two litres less per hectare. Pulling the bar has proved so easy that we have taken the duals off the CASE.”

Richard also trialled and purchased a set of RFM press harrows.



Gavin Forster, from near Bordertown SA, operates a 36’ Case 4300 bar with double discs at 12" spacings. The soil is generally sandy loam, including non-wetting soil that has been clay. It is crabhole country and flats that have been delved to mix the clay through the soil profile.

“On our rises the discs left the stubble where it was and avoided moisture loss. The tynes usually rip the lucerne up out of the ground – the discs didn’t damage any of it.”

“The discs were easier to tow – we found that we just can’t go fast enough – 11.5 kmh with the discs, 9 kph with tynes. We had minimal soil throw, when dry and it was sticking when wet. It works well on all soil types.”

“I’d recommend them – it really depends on what you want to do – what the problem is. We were really impressed with the strength of the RFM gear compared with coulters that we have used before.”

“We had no issues in stubble, and no mechanical issues, moisture retention is important – tynes are going to dry the soil out. We are saving diesel with the double discs.”



Neil Ramsey, Ramerville SA, has a 63’ Flexicoil bar with 72 sets of RFM Ag double discs. The seeding boots are fitted with two sets of spray nozzles for liquid fertiliser and trace elements. They pull the planter John Deere 8960 with triple wheels front and rear.

He farms 3700 ha of canola, wheat and barley. In stony country using conventional tynes they were sowing at 4kmh – “Plus the time spent tightening everything up!

“In the better ground we would do 9 – 10kmh. “With the double discs we now sow at 12 – 14kph – wet or dry, getting down to 10 kmh in the stony ground.

“We have reduced our fuel use during sowing by 30% - we’ll never go back to tynes. The only blocking was between discs. Timing is paramount”.

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